Tricky TrisKuts Bakery
"The Value is in  the  ingredients"

"Premium Gluten Free Dog Treats "It's a good life for dogs, treat them well, feed them healthy."


                                                            Chompers Choice  Gluten Free Treats

                                                                       Natural Pet Solutions


                                                                            Established Oct 2010

                                                                        Owner - Greg Chenevert

                                                    For more information on wholesale and distribution

                                                           You may reach Greg at 603-577-8817

Understanding the Canine Digestive System

Manufacturers make stuff~ Bakeries make Food~ Give your pet bakery fresh dog treats

The canine digestive system is far different from their owners; it is shorter and made for different foods. Wheat, gluten, corn, chemicals and fillers cause digestive problems and can lead to weight problems, hypperlipidemia, pancreatitis, and diabetes. You can aid in their digestion by improving the Krebbs Cycle with foods containing ascorbic acid and vitamins C and E.

Your pets can also develop allergies to foods that can cause dry skin, excessive scratching, heat spots, drinking excessive amounts of water, vomiting and lethargy to name a few.

We at Tricky TrisKuts believe you should give your pet food that is easy to digest and process foods such as sweet potatoes, rice carrots, beans (lentils), potatoes and protein (fowl, natural meats). Tricky TrisKuts are mixed and prepared for canine digestive systems. Baked in New Hampshire using only natural gluten free ingredients. All of our ingredients are human grade. With constant research, coupled with a passion for quality, and  healthy ingredients, we make treats so your pet can be healthy and happy and enjoy everyday life as a loved family member.

You can choose quality all-natural, bakery fresh treats for your pet! Treats baked with your pet's health in mind.

Tricky TrisKuts treats are registered under the commercial feed law, RSA 435:17-31 by the State of NH Dept of Agriculture. Tricky TrisKuts treats have been quality tested for guaranteed analysis by a professional laboratory.