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Quotes Your sweet potato treats were a huge hit! Many thanks to you and the awesome Lap Dog Creations folks for introducing us to your product. You see, our basset is allergic to most animal proteins, and to corn products. It's been amazing to see new treats on the market that we can have in our home for our "special needs" girl. Thank you for being a part of that inspired movement that recognizes that some pets have dietary restrictions and need yummy treats too. Quotes
Bassett with allergies to animal protein and corn products
sweet potato treats - A hit

Quotes This is Jackson. He is 3 years old. We have tried countless dog treats with him. The problem is everything gives him gas. Soon after the treats you don't want to be around him. I have wanted to find something I could give him. I was in A-Market in Manchester and saw your products. Thought I would give them a try. I chose the Mint and Lamb Chews because his food is lamb based. He loved them and better yet his tummy loved them too!!!! No issues. He has finished the bag and now I have a product I can buy for him. Can't wait to get him more. Quotes
bye bye gassy tummy - Lamb and mint chews

Quotes Thank you for the samples of Green-O's. I gave them to 4 different dogs of mine. They really liked them! They each took them immediately and started eating them. I have an edlerly dog, who had no problem chewing it up and she loved it. My husky, who can sometimes act a little finicky, took his and ate it right then, though he sort of "savored it" I think to make it last longer and enjoy longer, it was gone quickly. My dog Marco, LOVED it, and even wagged his tail while munching it down! My other dog , who unfortunately has a terrible nasty habit of "grazing" in the yard, if you know what I mean, LOVED it and it made his breath smell much better. I had to sniff his breath before and after, the before was not pleasant, as I had just let him in from going out to potty. Yes, I could tell the difference, which was nice. I would give 4 PAWS UP for your product. Quotes
Sample of Green-O's
4 dogs - Results

Quotes I recently purchased Chomper's Choice dog treats. My dog loves them! I purchased the product because of the natural ingredients, the fact that you are a NH based company, and the fact that you promote the hiring of people with disabilities. Quotes
Chompers Choice Treats
Dog loves them

Quotes Just bought your buffalo treats for Blu, my one year old Belgian Tervuren & he LOVED them Blu??s on a grain free diet. There aren't a great deal of treats out that he likes but he's already devoured two of yours. He looks up as he chews, seems as though he's smiling. Quotes
Buffalo treats for BLU

Quotes I purchased some treats (Mint & Lamb Chews) and some salve for her paws at the Start at the Station in Worcester, Ma. My Zoe, who is a rescue from when I lived in Los Angeles, loves them! Zoe is an amazing dog with an old soul. We are uncertain of her age, but we think she is between 14-16 years young. I am sending this picture of her to you to share. Quotes
Mint and Lamb chews
14-16 year young dog loves them

Quotes As you know, the Lapdogs really love it when we find tasty new treats... and I really love it when we find healthy new treats that are Made in the USA. I love it even more when they are made right here in New Hampshire, which is the case with these chews and treats from Tricky TrisKuts Bakery. Visit link for full review Quotes
Lapdog Creations
Review of Tricky Triskuts - Chompers Choice chews and Treats

Quotes I found your products while on vacation in Celebration (Kissimmee) Florida. My dog loves them! Can you please tell me if there is a retailer in or near Naples, Florida? Thanks for the great products! Quotes
bought treats on vacation
My dog loves them

Quotes I just wanted to let you know how much my miniature long haired dachshund, loves the venison and the duck variety of chompers chews! He is normally spoiled by homemade dog biscuits because he is allergic to everything from a cow including a cow. Sometimes we run out, so we were so happy to come across your product! He only brings treats that he is super excited about up onto the ottoman to savor, and your treats are definitely at the top of the list! Quotes
miniature long haired dachshund
Duck and Venison Chews a hit